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Zen Zin Yan
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:wave: Hihihi. :wave: Wow!!!Time is really going very fast March has over now we move to the next month it will be April,my friend. :giggle: Ah!Another one month ahead we are going into summer long month as the past few year back. :nod:

Ok!Back to here in this month of April.Like February to here.Each month we have theme in like February we are talking about love and Chinese theme in and as for March is Fantasy theme in but in April our theme will be fighting club in.So to honor in February I begin to favor some fighting games such as Street Fighter,King of Fighters and Tekken. :nod:

So in in my gallery of April I have made some fighting game characters in so in the first art is Lady of the Month and in April I will pick a lady from this three fighting games in. :nod: Meantime we have also artwork in,Family Picture,Sexy and Mature Gallery and Teammate Gallery in. :nod:

Well!Nothing much to say about this month but like the other two month February and March theme in theme is full of artwork of fighting game since Lady of the Month is only one but they are some more lady will wish be in artwork type.But the lady you come across in the future is base on fighting game. :nod:

So I wish you the best of best in April because the fighting is about to begin. :clap:

Here are the people I respect and love. :cuddle: :boogie: :heart:

:iconshadowwithinme: :iconallenkun: :iconharleyquinnade: :iconamorousdino: :iconescaped-emotions: :iconrosannabell: :iconthesashabell: :iconmiyoaldy:  :iconmilliganvick: :iconxxfruit-cakexx: :iconth4m: :iconmelfinacosplay: :iconmademuazel-demi: :iconladasever: :iconrei-doll: :iconanri-sugihara: :iconieris-aizer: :iconforestgirl: :iconlhianne: :iconkeldbach: :iconrsiphotography: :iconsamlim: :icongenzoman: :iconnextgrandcross: :iconfeigiap: :iconraseinn: :iconnerkin: :iconfullrings: :iconemperpep: :iconglitcher: :iconfransmensinkartist: :iconnako-75: :iconshiniez: :iconsigurdhosenfeld: :iconjadenkaiba: :iconganassa: :iconradprofile: :iconmaelora69: :iconpersonalami: :icondrgraevling: :iconryumo: :iconnarannach: :iconragora57: :iconlimey404: :iconnao--ren: :iconjupmod: :iconpronon1990: :iconkahookashii: :iconlufidelis: :iconilolamai: :iconhotrod2001: :iconniban-destikim: :iconxxcuteemmyxx: :icondeliciouspudding: :iconchoppington: :iconangevere: :iconipun: :iconkrekka01: :iconnormansanzo: :icontenshichan1013: :iconillusionevenstar: :iconbizmarck: :iconkillryde: :iconechowing: :iconk-e-y-k-o: :icon14-bis:  :iconmanjimaru: :iconphysicrodrigo: :icongiacbk: :iconseiji1008:
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Play Dance with Me by lordtrigonstar
Play Dance with Me

Hello,my friend. :wave: After watching Well of Eternity in my Family Picture now we move to our next fighting art. :giggle: So our next art is a artwork.Yeah!Again and again. :aww: First is King of Fighters and second is Dead or Alive now third will be one of my favor once it come to fighting game in.

Behold Tekken. :clap: Yeah!This  fighting game from game now it has movie one. :nod: That is a super cool one. :nod: Like King of Fighters,Dead or Alive and Tekken this three fighting got a number of ladies in. :nod: But today I only pick one girl in. :nod:

Behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the lady in Tekken is Zafina. :clap: Is a lady from Egypt.Well!Egyptian lady. :giggle:

Zafina is very clever as evidenced by her knowledge of Azael.She is also a determined woman as she strives for success to avoid chaos.Despite this,she is quite calm and focused;not letting her emotions get the best of her while on a mission.

In her early life Zafina was born somewhere in the Middle East to a group of spiritual warriors with an ancient past and as such,she possesses great spiritual abilities of her own.

Since childhood,Zafina was raised to be a protector of an imperial tomb.Several years ago,a foreign army attacked the imperial tomb she and her group were protecting and Zafina single handy wiped every single one of them out.Since then,the group’s guru appointed her to be its sole protector.

In her public life,she uses her spiritual powers as an astrologist but recently she can only see evil omens,and her premonitions grow more and more intense day by day.Seeking to understand the meaning behind all of this,Zafina sought the advice of her guru,and he began to tell her an ancient prophecy passed down from generation to generation only to a select few.According to the prophecy,when two evil stars come into contact,the seal of the tomb will be broken.The one captive will come out and the world will inevitably reach its end.Zafina considered both the meaning behind the guru’s tale and her own dire premonitions.

Back to here it seems Zafina pose look like she doing Middle East dance. :dance: Come dance with her. :dance:

Currently listening to: The Mythical Desert from Rappelz.…

 :la: Well! :la: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this =D and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Zafina from Tekken series

Custom design from Tekken series

The Mythical Desert soundtrack from Rappelz

Well of Eternity by lordtrigonstar
Well of Eternity

:wave: Hihihi. :wave: After watching Lisa Hamilton from Dead or Alive now we move to Family Picture.Well!Another Family Picture in April the first one is Sonic so second it will be. :) Let me guess.Well!Fanarts of game again.Sonic? :aww: No!It will be Warcraft series now. ;)

This time we will pay a visit to Warcraft few years ago expansion,Cataclysm,Ah!We back again with Cataclysm in my Family Picture I still remember last year when I honor for welcoming Warlords of Draenor and Cataclysm is one of coming expansion we honor and in Cataclysm the art of Cataclysm is in Family Picture,Halls of Origination now one year later now we will face back Cataclysm again. ;) So which dungeons I will make this time again in Uldum? :aww: No.Another place this time. :nod:

Since we are in Cataclysm our Family Picture must focus on Cataclysm so I pick a dungeon in Cataclysm. :) So behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the dungeon I made for Cataclysm is Well of Eternity which located in Caverns of Time one of the dungeons. Well of Eternity is a 5-man,level 85 instance.It is the second part of a three-part series of dungeons involving the recovery of the Dragon Soul,preceded by End Time and followed by Hour of Twilight.

The story involved in this instance is that players will have to travel back in time to the final battle of the War of the Ancients,where they must fight their way to the Well of Eternity and recover the "Dragon Soul" (also called the Demon Soul),the only weapon that can destroy Deathwing,before it is hidden by Malfurion Stormrage.Ok!Now down with the bosses in this dungeon.

:pointr: Bosses in Well of Eternity:

:bulletred: Peroth’arn

:bulletred: Queen Azshara

:bulletred: Captain Varo’then

:bulletred: Mannoroth

Currently listening to: Climax Coming from Abyss from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.…

:la: Well! :la: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this =D and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Peroth’arn,Queen Azshara,Captain Varo’then and Mannoroth from World of Warcraft © Blizzard Entertainment

Custom design from Blizzard Entertainment

Climax Coming from Abyss soundtrack from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria © tri-Ace and Square Enix

Wanted Dead Or Alive: Lisa by lordtrigonstar
Wanted Dead Or Alive: Lisa

Hello,my friend. :wave: After watching Takahashi Shizuka and Erza in my Sexy and Mature Gallery now we move to our next fighting art. :giggle: So our nest art is a artwork.Yeah!In this year you saw a lot of lady in the artwork such as the famous in this year the Lady of the Month. :nod: In March the Lady of the Month is Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters.So the next fighting girl is my favor game which I favor quite some time and they have appear in my gallery not like Warcraft,Sonic,Dynasty Warriors,Sailor Moon or Kingdom Hearts which they are appear quite a lot. :nod: What fighting game I was talking about? :nod:

Behold Dead or Alive. :clap: Yeah!This sexy fighting game. :nod: Their game come along the same company with Dynasty Warrior and Samurai Warriors.Yes!They are from Koei. :nod:

In Dead or Alive this game is full of sexy ladies but today I pick one lady in first for opening for Dead or Alive in my gallery as artwork.Behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the lady in Dead or Alive is Lisa Hamilton. :clap:

Lisa Hamilton also known by her wrestling persona La Mariposa.Not much is known about Lisa's life before DOATEC, although it is well-known that she was high school friends with fellow wrestler Tina Armstorng and was a member of her school's volleyball team,which explains her great volleyball skills.At some point during her life,Lisa became one of the head scientists for DOATEC at DOATEC Germany,working for Victor Donovan during his genetic projects and becoming an luchadora at the wrestling contest along with Tina.If you interest to know her background or more detail you can see in here….

Be advice this Mai and Lisa are serve as the artwork in this month of April but they are some more fighting game artwork in too. :nod:

Currently listening to: Profound Soldier from Warriors Orochi 3.…

:wave: Well! :wave: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this :giggle: and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Lisa from Dead or Alive series

Custom design by Dead or Alive series

Profound Soldier soundtrack from Warriors Orochi 3

Shizuka VS Erza by lordtrigonstar
Shizuka VS Erza

Hihihi.After watching Sonic in my Family Picture now we move to our next art.So our next art will be in Sexy and Mature Gallery and it was also a request art. :nod:

Our user today which I will honor is :icondeadpoolthesecond: .So behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the user in Hall of Honor is :icondeadpoolthesecond:. :clap: This user I have obverse him at :iconjadenkaiba: as the commission art this user is always want his art in boxing with topless ladies.Well!Since in April our theme is fighting as the theme so this request will serve it well. :nod: So I ask him I want to do request for him and he say yes.So in his request he want an OC lady name,Takahashi Shizuka verse Erza from Fairy Tale in a female boxing. :clap: Interesting.

Well!A crossover in my Sexy and Mature Gallery again.Ok!The lady name Takahashi Shizuka is actually not the oc for :icondeadpoolthesecond: is :iconyuukimmd: one of his oc girl but I believe :icondeadpoolthesecond: is really like her so he want me to draw her. :nod: As for Erza since in this year I begin favor Fairy Tale in so Erza I also favor her too. :nod:

:wave: Well! :wave: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this :la: and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Takahashi Shizuka belong to :iconyuukimmd:

Erza from Fairly Tale

Custom design by :iconyuukimmd: and Fairly Tale

Kingdom Valley by lordtrigonstar
Kingdom Valley

:wave: Hihihi. :wave: After watching Lady of the Month with Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters.Now we move to our next art will be Family Picture.Ah!Sonic had return again in April the last Family Picture of Sonic is in February,Chun-nan.Although in this month our main theme is fighting games as the theme but Sonic is also has a fighter game too but very long time but mostly is on action adventure.So what stages I will pick in this month of April for Sonic.Behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you all the game I pick today will be Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.Ah!This will be the second Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 in my Family Picture the first one is Wave Ocean in July 2013.Wow!Two year back art now it has return.Ah!Is good to see Princess Elise back. :nod:

Ok!Two year later now we will march on Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 stage will be in Kingdom Valley.Kingdom Valley,it is north-east of Soleanna and once housed its old kings.The last resident of this place was the Duke of Soleanna but following the events of the Solaris Project,Kingdom Valley was largely abandoned.In the present,it is the site of one of Doctor Eggman's bases.Kingdom Valley abounds with water so the ancient ruins and weak wood platforms are not the best footholds.

Kingdom Valley had serve three Hedgehog stage in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.Look at the design of the building it seem we are entering some castle world,Yes!Medieval age. :nod: Interesting. :nod:

:pointr: Team Heroes:

:bulletblue: Princess Elise

:bulletblue: Knuckles the Echidna

:bulletblue: Silver the Hedgehog

:bulletblue: E-123 Omega

:bulletblue: Tails

:bulletblue: Amy Rose

:bulletblue: Blaze the Cat

:bulletblue: Sonic the Hedgehog

:bulletblue: Shadow the Hedgehog

:bulletblue: Rouge the Bat

:pointr: Villains Forces:

:bulletred: Mephiles the Dark

:bulletred: Dr. Eggman

:bulletred: Solaris

After so many stage of Sonics’ series this one is so far don’t have any Eggman army in and Solaris in here is the second form look.

Well!The early one Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 stage in my gallery is beach theme now the second stage of them is base on an ancient ruins theme.

Now I am listening Find Your Way from Final Fantasy 8.…

:wave: Well! :wave: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this :la: and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Princess Elise,Knuckles the Echidna,Silver the Hedgehog,E-123 Omega,Tails,Amy Rose,Blaze the Cat,Sonic the Hedgehog,Shadow the Hedgehog,Rouge the Bat,Mephiles the Dark,Dr Eggman and Solaris from Sonic Series

Custom design by Sonic Series

Find Your Way soundtrack from Final Fantasy 8 © Square Enix


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