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December 10, 2013
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Holoska by lordtrigonstar Holoska by lordtrigonstar

:wave: Hihihi. :wave: After watching my Teammate Gallery style at my Ultimate Rarest Hunt now we move to our next art. :) So our next art will base on Family Picture. :nod: Well. =D My story or fanart?How about we go for fanart. :nod: So movie or game. =D So I will pick game one. :nod:

So behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you all the game I pick today will be Sonic Unleashed.This is game I never play before but watching this game I got like so many Sonic I made in here Sonic Unleashed is also one of my favor game to watch especially their town. :nod: Since we are in December we are about to enjoy coming Christmas in my World Events gallery and my journal has said will bring memories back like my previously art in my Ultimate Rarest Hunt and even so Christmas most people made Christmas or December art always got winter theme in. :nod: So my Sonic art in my Family Picture must have winter theme in it mean snow whatever will link to winter theme. :nod: So our first Family Picture in December I will pick Sonic Unleashed stage called Cool Edge in Holoska.Holoska is a giant continent that is almost entirely covered in ice.It has similar features to Greenland,the Arctic and Antarctica.Its name is inspired by Alaska,one of the United States of America.It is located at the North Pole. :)

In this art many Sonic art I made in Family Picture is mostly all is facing Eggman forces but this one it has added in is Dark Gaia forces along with Eggman forces.

:pointr: Team Heroes:

:bulletblue: Sonic the Hedghog

:bulletblue: Tails

:bulletblue: Chip

:bulletblue: Sonic the Werehog

:pointr: Eggman and Dark Gaia Forces:

:bulletred: E-06 (Bladed) Spinner

:bulletred: Egg Fighter

:bulletred: Aero Cannon

:bulletred: Dark Bat

:bulletred: Deep Nightmare

:bulletred: Dark Master

:bulletred: Titan

:bulletred: Dark Moray

Now I am listening Ice Cap Zone Act 2 from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.…

:wave: Well! :wave: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this :) and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Sonic,Tails,Chip,Sonic the Werehog,E-06 (Bladed) Spinner,Egg Fighter,Aero Cannon,Dark Bat,Deep Nightmare,Dark Master,Titan and Dark Moray from Sonic Series

Custom design from Sonic Series

Ice Cap Zone Act 2 soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sega

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Hinachigos03 Mar 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much.I am so glad you like it so much. :)
Hinachigos03 Mar 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
your drawings are great and more because I'm a fan of these games
Thank you. :bow: Me too.I like the game so I made them out in here. :)
Hinachigos03 Mar 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Haha That's Good ^u^
dingosnivysprint12 Dec 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome :) It looks like they're having a swim race. That looks like fun! Well, I can barely swim. When I swim, it's like I'm a flopping Magikarp XD Anyways, nice work! 
Thank you so much.I am so glad you like it so much. :la:
dingosnivysprint12 Dec 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Your welcome! :D 
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